digestive health gummies


What is gut health?

What are symptoms of an unhealthy digestive system?

How can I support a healthy digestive system?

Which gummy vitamins can keep your digestive system in good shape?

  • what is the digestive system?

    Your digestive system breaks down the foods you eat and the liquids you drink into carbs, fats and proteins that the body can then use as nutrients to help build or repair cells and is also an important source for energy.

  • how can I support digestive health?

    Adding lots of fiber into your diet and drinking lots of water can help your digestive system health. Gummy vitamins are a great path to take to improve your digestive system as healthy digestion can help in the absorption of important nutrients.

  • let’s do this!

    Vitamin C and D can help support your digestive system. Both probiotics and prebiotics can aid with digestion and improve nutrient absorption. Because these are important for the body, Lifeable created these supplements as a delicious gummy.

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